Growing Your Business

Growing Your Business

Keep one eye on the present and the other on the future as your business expands.

With your business established, the next phase is growing profitability and expanding operations. When it comes to growing steadily, there are several factors to consider. 


As you manage your daily operations, keep the future in mind and think strategically about where to take the company. Consider these elements for the future: how employees and resources will need to change; how to change your point of view to consider the best solutions for the company; what the ideal outcome will be and what forces will drive it.


Advanced technologies can save time and money while creating more efficiencies in business operations. This becomes increasingly important as the company grows. Consider implementing valuable tools such as accounting software, a calendar system and time-tracking software.


Depending on the type of business you run, growth opportunities could exist through franchising, licensing products or diversifying product and service offerings. Additionally, expanding your market and merging with or acquiring another business could lead to rapid growth. Take time to think creatively about these possibilities and what options are the best match for the business as it currently exists.


If there's no formal marketing strategy, now is the time to consider one. Developing a thorough plan leads to a better understanding of the market and what the audience needs and wants. Investing time and money to create this plan results in a regular marketing schedule that can help increase business. Focus on the marketing efforts that deliver the highest ROI and then invest more resources in initiatives that will advance the business.


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